Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Painting, Picking & Packing!

Hi Friends,

Here is what is going on here at the farm...

I have been wanting to redo my "Morning Room" foreverrrrrr, But I just could not figure out what I really wanted... Then one night cuddled up in bed going through some magazines I had dug out of the bookshelf...I found it.....I knew it the minute I saw it....

I found the look , the urban farm feel I had been looking for.. AND the great thing about it was I already had almost the exact same pieces of furniture that was in the photo I fell in love with in the magazine!...

So off to get some RED paint... and a few other colors...  Here is the finished room...

I am a Thrift Store and redo - renew kind of gal!

I stared with the walls, I found the yummy, creamy mocha color that has a warm feeling to it...

This cabinet was my mothers that she left to me...I love it and would never part from it even though it was Yellow....XO
At the thrift store I had found a OLD hutch...falling apart a bit and took the top of it for the cabinet (it was yellow too.)

I got some OPPS paint at the hardware store... ( only about $3) it was the perfect blue for what I wanted...It happened to be the weekend that they where giving away a FREE quart of paint ...So I got a beautiful light mossy green to wash over the top of the hutch... covered the door with chicken wire...
I painted the middle only of the bottom of the cabinet to get the look I was going after...

I went to one of my Fav vintage shops (Vintage Flair) and found the dreamy was huge but I loved it...I had it in my art studio for a few years was washed blue... It was almost the very cabinet that was in the magazine and I had the perfect dishes I got at close out to go on it...
So I did a "Trade" for the cabinet... :-)

I found the lighting below at another vintage shop... traded some of my dolls for it...I was a happy girl!

 An old head board that was turned into a bench I made a few pillows to match my chair and painted it RED and it was good to go...

I Love the Room Now and so does my family...XOXO

It's picking time here at the Farm..We have been picking and canning for weeks now...It is a Yummy time here on the farm...

The Best
Pickles ever! Just like Grandma used to make! xo

Organic Strawberry, Fig and Necturepalm jam....

 Our NEW "My~Besties Stamps are in and being packed ,shipped and sent out to stores all over the world!
I am so thankful and feel so Blessed! Thank you to ALL our friends and Crafty Besties that have helped us get here! XOXO

"From My Craft Table To Yours"



  1. Oooh la la, love the hutch with the 2 tones. so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous room!!! And you got figs!!!???? YUM!!!

  3. Oh your family room is amazing and i love your mothers cabinet!
    I hope you have a grat time now with your familie.

    Big hugs Anja

  4. Your room looks gorgeous, hun - just like something out of the magazines. And what about all those stamps! I'm so glad that things are going well for you.

    Big hugz, Jan xx