Monday, July 11, 2016

Bookmarks: Great Little Gifts

Hey everyone!  I am a book lover, so today I would like to 
share with you how to make your own bookmarks.
I also love to make bookmarks as small gifts throughout the year.
Have a few on hand, give with a book.

Let's start with what you will need. 

I use these as the protector covers for my bookmarks.  
You can get these at Dollar Stores, office supply stores or anywhere school and
office supplies are sold.

Since I make my own, you need a way to seal the edges
of your protector sleeve.  I use the We R Memory Keepers Fuse tool.
Simple and easy to use.  You could even use a sewing machine
and stitch the edges.  If you do, just make sure to cut your
sleeve larger to allow for the stitches.

I cut off a section.  I cut off 2 1/2 in. so when I seal the sides, I
have enough room to slide my bookmark in  .My bookmarks measure
2 1/4 in. wide.  You can customize this size
to however wide you would like your bookmark to be.  Just
remember to leave room for the edges to be sealed, so add at least
1/4 in to whatever your bookmark width is.

I just cut off the tab side.  I make sure to leave at least 8 in. as my
bookmarks are 7 in. long.

I have taken my fuse tool and sealed the two long sides 
and the bottom only at this step.

        For this one I have used  image                                              For this one I have used image
         img381.  You can find HERE                                                  Hang in There.  Find HERE

Once you have your bookmark cut to size, your image colored, slide into
the protector sleeve we have created and seal the top with the fuse tool.  
Add a tassel, hanging charm or just some ribbons by just punching
a hole or holes.

There are also printable bookmarks that you could also use.
You can find them HERE

You can find these HERE

I hope you have enjoyed todays little project.

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