Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fun with Andrea on a Double Pocket/Tag Card

Hello Besties!

Today we have Andrea with this down right adorable and fun card,
and she has given you how she did it.

Andrea has used the matching digi and printable

Here is the tutorial from Andrea.

Using  double sided pattern cardstock draw a circle 10 inches, 
which makes the finished card 5 1/2 inches.

Mark the centre of the circle (with a pencil mark, this is just a guide to get the folded sides even)
 and fold  the two outsides pieces of the circle into the centre mark.

Fold the bottom up to where you want I generally bring it up half way
 making the card about 5 inches measuring down the side of your card
 (now you are showing just a small piece of the inside colour in the V part of the folded in flaps at the top and the other colour is the  outside colour for the card)

Fold the card back down and with your scissors cut from the outside on both
 sides along the fold line to the inside folded line
 (you are now showing more of the inside colour of your cardstock the top flaps that are still folded in are the outside colour) 

The side pieces you have just cut turn them to the back of your card, now turn the bottom flap up. 

The turned up flap is glued to the back flap just along the out sides on both of the sides.

 Your card is made ready to be decorated, you now have the two pockets ready see the picture below after all decoration and tags have been made.

This for me is a neat card and can be decorated in any way plus the tags for it can be made into rectangles, circles, ovals etc  to fit in the pockets.

Thank you for having a look at todays beautiful creation. Please
leave a comment for Andrea and hope you will join us next time.

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