Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bestie Freebie Just for YOU!

Hi Lovelies,

As promised, I have a FREEBIE! for you!!

Because you are ALL so SWEET and WONDERFUL!!!! to me....
and mean so much to me and my family for all your love and support!!!

You inspire me to keep doing what I love to do...Creating my art and the Besties!!!

So for you love & kindness to me, I have a "My-Besties" Gift for you...Today !!!

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Here is how to get her!

I have the FREEBIE for you... on the Sherri Baldy My Besties TM page Here:

*First click "LIKE" on the page to be able to see the Freebie ..

*Once you click LIKE you will be able to see and save the Freebie...on the My Tab Page..

The green tab is in the above right corner ...Called "MY TAB" on the My Besties page!!

Once there just right click on the Bestie to save her to your PC ...... print & Color and Create

NOTE: (You must like the page to see the Freebie)

Thank you so much girls and crafty guys for you Friendship, Love and Support ....

Your Bestie!


  1. Just to cute, thanks a bunch.


  2. Just got her. Thanks so much Sherri.
    She is rather cute isn't she ;-)

  3. she is so cute, thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  4. she is so cute...thanks so much for sharing your talent.