Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter bonnets & Little Miss Pepper! Free Sentiments!!

It is so exciting to share this sweet new image101 called, "Me & Little Miss Pepper" in two different formats!  

This sweet image was created by Sherri Baldy after she saw DT Antoinette's dog wearing an Easter bonnet that Antoinette created for her Little Miss Pepper.  

Isn't Little Miss Pepper adorable???
Here is the card i colored, with the idea, that i wanted my doggie to look like Little Miss Pepper and the My Besties girl to be like Antoinette.  

 Link to image 101 here.

Little Miss Pepper is such an adorable dog that Sherri now has Little Miss Pepper as a 2" printable.  I thought i'd make a paper clip art card using the image.  The paper clip can be used as a planner bookmark too!
***The printable has the reverse image so you can have a two-sided image. 

close up of Paper clip art:

Printable called March Printable BK1 is available here:
Freebie sentiments just for you!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter in a Suitcase

Hello everyone!  Today I have a very special project
that I have created for my granddaughter.

This is my suitcase Easter basket.

I started with a small premade suitcase that was found at a discount
 department store by a friend of mine.  
You could use a shoe box or any box with a lid to make a suitcase.
Think outside the box.

My Easter banner is just banner flags cut with small slits to
run twine through and hung to each side of the lid.  I used
some metallic stickers from my stash to spell out Easter.

I found some raffia ribbon in these pastel colors
and just had to make a bow for the top.

The adorable digi stamp girl and the basket in the paper sugar egg
is img098.  You can find her HERE

We couldn't forget the carrot for the bunnies.
This box is a cutting file from My Scrap Chick
You can find it HERE

This sugar egg is just so sweet and I just had to add the basket inside
to be peeking out.  It was just the right size to hold this part of the image.

This is from My Scrap Chick also and you can find it HERE

Each file comes with a picture tutorial for you to piece it all together.

Add some grass and put in your goodies and you have
a suitcase basket.

Thank you for
having a look!

See you next time.

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Over the Moon Excited!! UK Papercraft Essentials Magazine Cover & article! Free Image!!

Sherri's My Besties are featured in UK Papercraft Essentials #131 magazine!!! 

The cover features My Besties and several pages in the magazine have My Besties designer cards featured along with each card tutorial!!

It is the current issue that is out on the UK newstands right now!!
Papercraft Essentials #131

We LOVE Papercraft Essentials,  they always include special gifts when you purchase the magazine and MANY downloads when you check their site online!

Here is the magazine cover you need to look for:
You might miss this cover at the newstands/bookstores because the gifts cover this issue so also be on the look out for this package showing the "free gifts" with this issue:

Some information on how to "find" this issue to purchase:
1. You can order directly from the magazine seller by clicking here
 The prices are in British Pound Sterling, if ordering outside of the UK, the money will be adjusted  based on daily exchange.  (Example: 3 issues purchased to be shipped within 8-10 days to the USA including shipping is around $40)

2. Several retailers in the USA are known to offer UK Papercraft Essentials magazine in their store.  The current magazine can take about a month to arrive in the USA.  I am not sure how long it will take to other countries outside of the UK.  The magazine will reflect the exchange rate also. 
   Stores to check:
   Jo-Ann Fabrics
   Books a Million
   Barnes and Noble

Please as a follower of Sherri's blog, if you know of other places that carry the UK Papercraft Essentials outside of the UK could please let the followers know below in the comments!  Thank you!

Please check out the online downloads of UK Papercraft Essentials #131 for your FREE My Besties image created for the magazine.   Click here.

Congratulations to the My Besties Designers (past and present designers) that are featured in the Papercraft Essentials Magazine.

My Besties Design Team featured in the magazine:
Patti Lane
Leah Ann Gast
Pat Jaynes
Rose Andrew
Carol Ann Roberston
Bonnie Kohane

There is a Bonus article online featuring our MB DT Tina Day Goodwin to see her tutorial and card, click here!

Thank you to the editor and staff of UK Papercraft Essentials for creating such an amazing cover and layout inside the magazine.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Seeing Green, We have Shamrocks!

Are we ready to wear green!  It is almost St. Patrick's Day and today I would like to share
with you some adorable images to get you crafting for St. Patty's Day.

First, let's start with img675.  You can find her HERE

I have created a Pot of Chocolate for this little sweetie to guard over.

Dig out a small pot, vase, or even use a coffee cup and put some floral
foam in the bottom to stick your decoration in. 
 Pixie sticks would be a fun addition with some cut outs
 of shamrocks to add to the ends instead of pinwheels. 
Then just add your chocolate coins or any other small treat.
But wait, here are a few more digis to create with.

         We have Susie in Overalls                                                 This is img673 
                 Get her HERE                                                             Get her HERE

What shades of green did I use.  I use copics to color so here are the shades

G99, YG17, YG13, and YG11

We can't forget the shades of yellow.

I use E15 as shading in the darkest places to hold shadows and
then layer with these

Y18, Y13, Y02 and Y000

Hope today you have been inspired to grab one or all three and
have some fun.  We always love to see what you create.
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Friday, March 11, 2016

ATC , What is it??

ATC is an abbreviation for Artist Trading Cards.  There are so many creative ATC all over the internet.  To me they are tiny versions of Art. 

Basically, an Artist Trading Card is on specific size.  That size is 3.5" x 2.5".  The card can be created vertical or horizontal...and any type of medium. (I chose to create my ATC using Photoshop after i colored the image)

Many of Sherri's Pocket Art Letter printables are the perfect size to create any ATC.

For this ATC, i chose to color up the image Hank's First Car and turn him into a png file and layer him on top of a background.  After that i added some embellishments to the car.  I added the racing flags and the title of the car. Then i added some text to the background to make a specific card theme.

Once i had my card created using Photoshop, i printed it off 3 more times so that i could make the image 3D. 

This is the final ATC created on Photoshop:

This is the card created with the added 3D image:  (2.5 x 3.5")
3D view:

Here is the original image colored:

Img Hank's First Car available here:

If you are interested in creating Artist Trading Cards, i'd love to invite you to Sherri's Facebook group called, My Besties Friendship Pocket Art & ATC.  Click here for a direct link.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How about a Steampunk Garden Safari? Want to play? Mixed Media Tutorial included!

Sherri has released several new digital images this month!  I hope you are checking out all of the NEW Fluffy images released so far.. Here is the link so you can stay up to date!

Today i want to share this adorable My Besties called img 086 available here.

close up of the image:

I was excited to find this simple technique to get this look. 
You will need a piece of corrugated cardboard..i cut mine just 1/4" smaller than my cardbase.

Next pull some of the top layer off to see the bumps from cardboard. 

I find that corrugated cardboard comes in three layers (like a sandwich).  First layer, just flat/plain kraft paper, then a layer of "corrugation" paper and again a layer of flat/plain kraft paper.  The layers are slightly attached at the "hills" of the corrugation. 

Next, i layered the torn layer with a bit of gesso, i didn't have my spatula handy so i used a plastic knife with serrations on the end that created the lines in the gesso.

Once the gesso is dry, you can do the "fun" part.  Simple... just stamp some distressed ink on your working mat and spritz it with water. 

The trick is to lay the prepared corrugated cardboard with gesso onto the spritzed ink.  * not move it around ..the colors tend to blend too much, if you twist the paper.

The giraffe was created on Photoshop with some online photos.  I did the same affect with the finished image.  However, because it was printed, i didn't want to ruin the image, so i put clear gesso on the printed image before i added the distressed ink.

Image 086 available here:

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