Friday, August 8, 2014

My-Besties Fabrics are HERE!!!!!

Woooo Hooooo!!!! I am so over the MOON excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! our first grouping of My-Besties Fabric By The Yard has just been delivered to our Besties Studio door step!!! I was so excited to open the box

They have created some BEAUTIFUL! YUMMY My-Besties fabrics by the yard!! And are now sold in stores all over! Here is the box that just came for my artists samples...I get 4 yards of each for samples..I'm gonna have some FUN with this...

But the GREAT NEWS is our Bolts of My-Besties Fabric will be in stock in just a few days here at the farm...I will be posting and let you know when and were you can get ALL the My-Besties Fabrics By The Yard as soon as our shipment arrives....XOXO 

Sherri  XOXO


  1. Wow; some really lovely designs & colours I'm seeing peeking through that box.
    Will be keeping my eyes peeled as to what you will create with them.

  2. Wish list a box delivered like yours, this will appeal to so many people wall hanging and bags just simply adorable, I have my machine threaded just waiting.
    Chris x


  3. oh this is such a wonderful material so I would love to sew from a charming dress for my little daughter. I think he's soooo beautiful.

  4. SO sweet!!!! I love so much beautiful :)

  5. When will they become available.