Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How about a Steampunk Garden Safari? Want to play? Mixed Media Tutorial included!

Sherri has released several new digital images this month!  I hope you are checking out all of the NEW Fluffy images released so far.. Here is the link so you can stay up to date!

Today i want to share this adorable My Besties called img 086 available here.

close up of the image:

I was excited to find this simple technique to get this look. 
You will need a piece of corrugated cardboard..i cut mine just 1/4" smaller than my cardbase.

Next pull some of the top layer off to see the bumps from cardboard. 

I find that corrugated cardboard comes in three layers (like a sandwich).  First layer, just flat/plain kraft paper, then a layer of "corrugation" paper and again a layer of flat/plain kraft paper.  The layers are slightly attached at the "hills" of the corrugation. 

Next, i layered the torn layer with a bit of gesso, i didn't have my spatula handy so i used a plastic knife with serrations on the end that created the lines in the gesso.

Once the gesso is dry, you can do the "fun" part.  Simple... just stamp some distressed ink on your working mat and spritz it with water. 

The trick is to lay the prepared corrugated cardboard with gesso onto the spritzed ink.  * not move it around ..the colors tend to blend too much, if you twist the paper.

The giraffe was created on Photoshop with some online photos.  I did the same affect with the finished image.  However, because it was printed, i didn't want to ruin the image, so i put clear gesso on the printed image before i added the distressed ink.

Image 086 available here:

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  1. Its beautiful i like the mixed media tutorial and the image.
    Hugs Astrid