Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Heart!!!

16 years ago today my Son Kyler was born...One of the sweetest days of my life.....It's been a wonderful 16 years with him...He's taught me so much in these 16 years....I can't wait to see what the next 16 years will bring...Happy Birthday My Sweet Kyler!!...You hold my heart in your hands..... Today my little boy becomes a Young man.....

There is just something special about Mothers & their sons...

Mom & the boys.....Happy Birthday Kyler We LOVE you!!!


  1. congratulations with your sons birthday sherri.

    greetings karin

  2. Sherri you have a beautiful family. Congratulations on raising boy to handsome young men (o:

  3. Beautiful photograph of you and Kyler on his birthday. You and your sons look fabulous in the second photograph too. I love my sons as much as you love yours.

    Hugs sweet friend.

    Linda xxx

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! You've done a great job mom. :)

  5. You have a beautiful family and you are a very beautiful and amazing woman! So glad we met!

  6. Sherri you have such a beautiful Family. Happy Sweet 16th!!!!
    Hugs Nataliya