Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Simple Things

The simple things in life are some of the best things... My Mother always said ...."Every time you sit down to eat make sure you set a pretty place setting for yourself, even if your alone, it will make you feel good" She was right !!

I mean, how cute are these chunky Coffee Mugs!!~ This is one of the SIMPLE things I did for myself this week...I bought 2 coffee mugs (Found then wholesale, you know I love to find good deal) ...They are so CUTE and express SWEET feelings that I want to remind myself of every time I take a drink...

It gives me such a cozy feeling holding a warm cup of coco, nothing like it to warm the heart on a cold day ...It takes me back to remembering the days of being at my Grandma's house. I was a lucky little girl to have my Mother, both of my Grandmother and my Great Grandmother all at the same time in the kitchen as I was growing up. Every day there was cooking filling the house with yummy aromas and lots of crafting and creating going on at Grandma's and Always Hot Coco !!!

I got them at Shinoda's (they have an online store)... they were only $4 each, can you believe it...

Till tomorrow...



  1. WOW Sherri I love your coffe mugs they are my kind of green. Love them.

    Linda xxx

  2. Love those mugs, super gorgeous <3