Friday, June 29, 2012

At my Grandmothers Knee....

Sometimes when I design I see my grandmothers hands....

  My Grandmother: Elizabeth
I sat at my grandmothers knee from the time I can remember till I was a teenager.
She was the Martha Stewart of her day...My Grandmother could do anything, (or so I thought) :-) she crafted, made all her cloths, quilts, pillows, she gardened and grew her own food.
She could cook and bake like her mother taught her to do from the old country... my grandmother was such an amazing lady.
She would tell me stories as I sat there in the middle of the floor looking up at her in wonderment, running my fingers through her round tin of sequins and hoping that some day I could create and make things just like her.
She told me how her mother taught her to sew, embroider, iron, cook and clean at 5 years old... her mother had her embroider men's handkerchiefs so that they could sell them. 
She said that she would practice over and over again to get it just right, stitch it and rip it out again, she said...It was a time of excellence, perfection and taking pride in their crafts... her mother taught her and she taught me ....I was a lucky little girl to have her as my grandmother.
She had a Yummy old cookie tin filled with vintage buttons, I can remember sitting and looking at each and every one asking where did this one come from...nothing was ever thrown away it was re-created into something new.
Now today I am teaching my daughters what she taught me... but this is a gift I have made for my daughter's wedding... a book of memories, hopes and dream, things of past and future... here is her Wedding Guest Book made from the Heart.
Thank you, Grandma... for sharing all your gifts with so many generations.

My book is 81/2 X 11

Both of my Grandparents from both my Mothers & Fathers sides...

I know this picture is upside down...No matter how hard I try it won't flip...See this is why I color for a living :-)


  1. Oh Sherri, this is beautiful. Your daughter is going to love it. How special. What a lovely gift from the heart.

  2. Beautiful Sherri!! I know your daughter will cherish it forever. A gift from the heart is like no other. Congrats on the new son in law and may their marriage be forever!!

  3. A beautiful album, something to really treasure for your daughter. Hugs Bee

  4. this is so gorgeous sherri.
    so romantic and so beautiful made.

    greetings karin

  5. this is beautiful
    love the vintage touch
    u do amazing work

  6. WOW Sherri this is absolutely stunning. This is such a wonderful idea and I am sure your daughter will treasure it for years to come.

    Linda xxx

  7. Such a beautiful Book Sherri.
    Hugs Nataliya

  8. Omg this is gorgeous, such attention to detail
    So jealous, I want one..
    Kenzie :-) xx