Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesdays Tasty Treats From Urban Farm Diva's Kitchen... Just For You

Today's Yummy Treats are one of my "Quick & Easy Fav's"
"My Momma's Amazing Sauce"

What you need

1 Large Can Chopped Tomato's
(I get the big restaurant size it's a much better price)
1 Small can of Tomato Paste
1 Large Onion ( I like white for this sauce)
1 Clove if garlic ( you can add less if you like)
1 TB's Olive Oil (use the good kind it's so worth it)
Fresh Basil (Organic)
Dried Basil
1 Jar Artichoke quarters
A pinch of sugar
1/2 cup really good "Cab or Burgandy" wine (If you like)
1/2 Cup water
White Pepper (Add to taste)

Oh...I just had to share these with you...My New measuring spoons ...arn't they FUN...you can now find them everywhere...I actully found them at my post office (little store PO combo)

I start with a little Olive Oil, Onion and Garlic

 Do a fine chop on both Onions and Garlic...start your onions first, get them a golden carmel color then add your garlic....Don't let them turn brown before you get your tomato sauce in...Or you sauce will taste bitter....

 I chop my green olives very fine ...You can also chop and add black olives too...they give a different taste to the sauce ....Do a ruff chop to the Artichokes ...Add them all to your simmering onions and let them all simmer together for about 3 minutes...

 Add you tomato's and paste to you chopped veggies....stir really good...You can add a little water about 1/2 cup and your wine so your sause can cook down....
Add a TS of dryed basil once your tomato sauce is all in....Let simmer while you paint your nails :-)

Your sauce will glisten from the yummy olive oil....
I pick white pepper it gives that bite to your sauce while giving you a smooth peppery taste....

This is a great simple "Quick & Easy" sauce with all the true tastes of Old Italy....

Happy Cooking!


  1. Oh Yummy!!!!! I am going to have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing Sherri!

  2. I'm drooling just looking at this. yum. Time to bottle your sauce and sell it. YUM!

  3. Soooooo.... What's for Dinner??? I'm here already, and i like Red Vine. Oh and your Spoons is going Home with me lol. Love it!!! Man i am hungry
    Hugs Nat

  4. Sounds yummy! :) TFS and love the spoons!! :)

  5. Wow ur kitchen looks like a Showroom, Stunning hun..
    I am sitting here and my mouth is watering, that looks delicious, oh I wish you were my Sister, I cannot cook save my life, I really must learn tho,
    Maybe I can pick some tricks up from you hun, I am off to check out more, first I will grab a pen and pad so i don't miss anything...
    TFS hun
    Kenzie :-) :-) x

  6. I am definitely trying your recipe! I also want your kitchen, LOL (I'm sure you hear that a lot!) You deserve it my sweets you work sooooo hard!
    Beth P