Saturday, December 22, 2012

Guest Blogger Ema Martinez

Saturday, December 22, 2012



Guest Blogger Ema Martinez from


Fifi and Bubbles

I was gonna post this tomorrow and give you my wonderful news ... well ... wonderful to me ... but I am posting a little early because I received a digital stamp I have to show you! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it! I also knew right away what colors I was going to use because when you see it you will realize... the ONLY colors I could use are pink and blue! I love how it came out!

The stamp is called Fifi and Bubbles and is from Scrapbook Stamp Society. I used GCD Studios Petit Blossoms - Homespun Chic by Melody Ross (scroll down to the bottom of the page). I knew I would have to use this pretty floral as the background paper just from seeing the tiny flowers on the image. Thankfully... I had been hoarding the paper for just such an occasion ... I kid you not ... what? Did you think I was hoarding it only because it was pretty paper and I just didn't want to use it? Ha! Right! ;) The ribbon is from Michael's and the button is from the collection of buttons I inherited from my mom back in the late 1980s. I was but a mere child... really ... Mere. Child. ;) I used my Copics I currently possess and this is the first time I had this irrational thought... I wish I had more! I wanted the colors on her to be softer and these were the softest shades I have... I still like how she came out though. I used my reliable Crystal Snow from Stampendous on the bubbles to make them glisten... and My Paper World Paper Pen by Viva Decor in opal for the beads on the poodles bow and a couple of itty, bitty rhinestones from Michael's for the required bling on the poodle's collar... REQUIRED. Bling. :) Here is the card...

Isn't it adorable?!? Below I'm showing you a close up of the beads on the poodles bow. I love the look I achieved...

Now to tell you my wonderful news! Maybe you've noticed I am posting more and more images from Scrapbook Stamp Society (SSS). Well... you know that white on white challenge I had to redo because I used the wrong stamp... SSS was hosting the challenge... they came to my blog to see the card and discovered I used the wrong stamp! They informed me of the my little goof and I went to fix it immediately... in the mean time... they saw what I had going on and OBVIOUSLY... recognize great talent when they see it! ;) lol I was asked to be part of their Design Team! I was so excited about the invitation. I had to give it some serious thought. So I did... for about five seconds! Yes! Five seconds... that's all it took! First... have you seen their stamps? There's so many of them that are wicked cute! Second... they recognize awesome talent! ;) OK, well the first time it was great and the second time it was awesome but how far apart are those two words in the dictionary... other than five letters in between... they are practically the same definition! ;) lol It is in my dictionary! :)

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are as thrilled as I am to learn of my new "promotion" in crafting world. :) Ema......