Thursday, December 20, 2012

We are Playing the NAME GAME!!!! Play to Enter To WIN!

Hi Girls, I HAVE A NEW NAME GAME Digi for you..!!! And she need names..:-)

Here is a NEW Digi we are PLAYING THE NAME GAME with!!!


1) Give her a Name

2) SHARE THIS POST to WIN her...You can Post too on my FB Wall @

This little girl is a "Big Eyed Bestie" and she needs a name....

Leave your suggestions below or on FB @ and the one I pick WINS
this NEW Digi!!!!! (NOTE: THIS IS ONE of the NEW BESTIES Big Head Dolls Line)


  1. I think that she looks like a Lucy to me. I don't know why, but that was what came to my mind when i saw her.

  2. I would have named her missy ;) I was thinking of mousy... but wanted something cuter to go with how she is.

  3. I think Lovely Lottie, or Harmony Heartstrings.Because she's lovely but she also has heart(s) ;)

  4. I think she looks like a Tilly to me. She is adorable.