Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer fun with Fluffy Besties Babes

Hello Fellow My Besties Friends,

Antoinette here today sharing with you a fun card I put together to start my summer fun using My Fluffy Besties Beach Babes.  I used the Printable precolored image making it into a 3D Decoupage project. It has all the colors I love and didn't have to mess with the coloring.


There is also a Black and White digital image of these Fluffy Besties Beach Babes TM so you can color and create to use for your chosen color scheme.  You can also check out all the other fun Fluffy Besties here in the My Besties Shop.

Here is how I started the foundation of my 6 by 6 card. I did a little tweaking on making my background framing the right size. I cut and stretched my Spellbinders Shapebilities frame out so they would fit perfectly behind my designed featured image of the Printable precolored Fluffy Besties Beach Babes.
I must share that working with these precolored printable My Besties are my favorite to play with especially the part that I can be cutting them with my scissors as I watch television or just laying and trying to unwind.

I hope I tickled you into trying these fun precolored Printable My Besties images. You can find them HERE in the My Besties Shop

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