Thursday, October 6, 2016

Twinkle Toes Mini Album:Tutorial with Andrea

Hello Besties!  Today Andrea has a cute little mini album
using the NEW Twinkle Toes Trolls Mega Kit.

This mega kit is jam packed with all sorts of goodies
to make cards, albums, flipbooks and so much more.

Andrea has been so kind to give a small tutorial
on how she did this little gem

Small Mini Album with 3 Pockets:   3" x  3" when finished:
A heavy Cardstock, colour of your choice measuring  81/2" x 11".
You will need a Score Board:  Ruler and a Scorer will do if you don't have a Score Board.
Place your card stock on the Score Board with the 81/2" at the top and the 11" running down the side of your board.
Score down at 27/8" and again at 53/4"
Turn your cardstock around so the 11" side  is running along the top and 81/2" is along the side of your board.
Score down at 27/8", 3" first set of lines, 57/8", 61/8 second set of lines, 9", 91/4" third set of lines.
Now take your scissors and cut out between the small score lines up to the long score line now turn your cardstock around and do the same on the other side cutting out between the small score lines up to the long score line.  You now have 8 small cut outs made, this is for folding up your album.
We are now going to cut off the 2 small outside squares, on the  81/2" side of your cardstock, you will see that one end of the 8/12" side has 3 shorter squares than the other end, cutoff the 2 outside squares on the shorter end leaving  the middle square, this is the top flap of your album - now cut this square in half and use a fancy punch to give you a nice fancy edge.  Giving you a nice fancy front flap.
Just a little more cutting to finish your album.  Set your cardstock down with the fancy flap at the top, you now have 3 rows of small scored square down your cardstock, starting with the top 3 squares cut off half of the left hand side square, middle row change to the right side cut off half of this square, bottom row cut off half of the left hand square.
We are now going to make the 3 small pocket which you can put small tags into.
You can punch small half circles into the 3 half squares if you want to show that these are your pockets.
Now the fun part you decorate your album front and back small flaps as well with fancy paper sticker anything you like it's your album do what you like. Don't forget to make 3 tags for your pockets at this stage too.
Once finished decoration - glue down the 3 half squares to form the 3 pockets for your tags.
We are now going to fold up the album - starting from the bottom pop your tag into the pocket now fold over the right flap, do this all the way up to the top flap, now starting from the bottom fold up the bottom part fold up again and then fold down the top fancy half flap.  Your small mini album is finished.
I tied a ribbon around the folded down fancy top flap to hold down this flap at the front plus I glue on a paper flower to make it more fancy. 

Thank you Andrea for sharing this with us!

You can get the MEGA kit HERE

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