Monday, May 18, 2015

Pleats and shading

Hi everyone!  I'm Beth and I am a the newest member of Sherri's Creative Team. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of this group. That being said I am a total newbie to all this blogging and posting. I just started my own blog. Oh shoot, I just started really using Facebook in January so I many need a little grace.

Deirdre's post a couple of weeks ago was on shading so I thought I would continue with that subject. I chose this Bestie because she is adorable, and her dress really intrigued me. You can find this sweet image at Sherri's Etsy site, just click.

With this image I went light to dark with my Copic markers. I also stay in the same color families.
I have included all of the colors I used except what I used on the the ice cream. How the markers are laying is the order in which they were used.

I must say it took me a few times to decide how to handle the pleats. Go ahead and play a bit, it's just paper. Don't worry, these sweet girls won't get thrown away, I will keep them to practice hair or skin.

After I decided how I wanted to handle the pleats and what angle I wanted the light to hit the image, I continued to get darker with the colors. I was taught to look for places to add depth. Depth adds the dimension I enjoy trying to achieve. Trying.... and trying again. Sometimes I add so much ink, it bleeds through the paper! I can use a lot of ink some days.

Her hair was so fun.

I created a card with this cutie. The Stamps I used are from Stampin' Up.

I hope there was something you found helpful even if it was just color combinations you ended up liking. Please feel free to share your thoughts. I'm new at this and suggestions are helpful.

Please check out my new blog Please remember it is brand new.

You can find this Bestie at Sherri's Etsy site, just click.

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  1. I am enjoying the shading and coloring. I am slowly adding to my Cic markers. Thank you.

  2. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing . My favorited Copic combo too

  3. Absolutely love this.
    Such gorgeous Summer colours.

  4. I am so happy you enjoyed it. Looking forward to doing my next post.